Two days after the horror storm sent torrents of water through the nation’s capital Manila and surrounding provinces, the government conceded it was unable to deal with the disaster on its own and needed urgent help.

“We are appealing for international humanitarian assistance,” Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro said in a nationally televised briefing.

Philippines asks world for help as flood toll hits 140 (September 28, 2009)

Meanwhile, NDCC spokesman, Lt. Col. Ernesto Torres, Jr., said while relief operations are ongoing for victims of tropical storm Ondoy in Metro Manila, rescue operations are also going on in Central Luzon.

Pepeng deaths now 317, Manila Bulletin (October 11, 2009)

Clearly, it will take more than a year. More than a year to fix the washed-out dreams. More than a year to bury the bad memories. More than a year to get them back to their feet. It will take more than a year. It will take more years to heal from the wounds brought by the two powerful typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng (international code names: Ketsana and Parma, respectively) that has recently left Philippines weak. Then, I wonder if all the time is enough.

This page goes for the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.  May we see you heal.  May we see Philippines continue to be strong and heal.

Anyone can help by:

Adding a twibbon on your twitter avatar to show your support.

Be updated and spread the news.  OndoyPhotos.com is a photoblog dedicated to show the effects of typhoon Ondoy and the efforts to overcome it.  GMAnews an Pepeng interactive disaster map up being updated from time to time concerning the affected areas of typhoon Pepeng.

Or donate through Red Cross!


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