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The Meeting Yesterday

This will serve as a reminder to the team:

November 12, 2009
ATI Cafeteria
5pm onwards


  1. Weekly Meeting
  2. Game Specifications
      Game Features
      Game Layout
  3. Division of Tasks
      Blog Updates
      Email Updates
I'll expand my minutes after i translate my audio record   =)

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Brainstorming Time!

For the last few weeks, being acquainted with the XO was of minimal task because the Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) release has made the checking on the XO’s sweet UI simple for me. Although the XO feel is of much getting used to. Exploring the XO at the user level was not complicated at all. Even to others without any idea about the XO laptops, Sugar, and OLPC. The hardest part was the shifting from the processing speed I was used to to that of what the AMD Geode is capable of.

In the first place, the main reasons for requesting 3 XOs were to answer 3 major questions to help us before, during and after developing the specifications for the activity:

  1. How is collaboration made between two users or more in the activity being shared?
  2. Is it possible to do the activity in 3D without requiring additional memory that could have allowed the child to do another activity?
  3. What are the other issues that we are to consider with regards to the limited hardware we are working on?

To answer the aforementioned questions, we only need to conduct simple testing activites at user level which only involved exploring the XO as if you were one of the lucky kids out there having one. In this task, I have been helped by my friends – roommates, co-scholars and classmates. The issues that concerned us were:

  1. It lags. For some time, out of the blue, an XO screen just freezes. Pressing any keys or directing the cursor with the touch pad won’t do a thing.
  2. The touch pad also becomes stubborn. It’ll be moving the cursor nicely this minute then it starts to go the other way. The cursor has to be gently maneuvered or application of greater pressure on the touch pad is necessary because the problem is either over/under sensitivity.
  3. During the sharing of activity, the lagging is more frequent but it happens to at least one of the XO’s sharing at the particular time. As observed in the Maze Activity, for 2 XO’s, they alternately get stuck in the middle of the activity and then most times, one returns only after the other XO has finished the maze. At 3 XO’s, one XO gets stuck, another could possibly do so, then one remains in the game, and at some time after getting stuck, one XO returns and the other follows or they do the getting stuck alternately.

With these observations, we now move a step higher in our development. The next weeks will be devoted in discussing the issues observed, refining ideas, adding new ones and coming up with the final specifications. The squinting of eyes to view the picture is now over. Thus, the time to look at the details is here as we start to figure out how we can hack the XO.

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some pictures

When the XOs arrived, people got curious and here’s some photos my phone has taken the last two days…

well, we got ’em named driven, milk and ion.

picture of driven

picture of driven

my roommate helping me out with the box..

the shipment box

the shipment box

and she’s loving her task…

loving it

can't stop her

my classmates and their curiosity..



the maze got the craze..



. .   and surely there will be more to come . .  .

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finally here..

the XOs are finally here..!

I wasn’t around the department when the XOs arrived so I only got the news only after our class.  Therefore, it took me a lot of effort to get what my instructor was talking about when he told me that something for me was waiting inside the server room.

DHL said they tried to call you but you didn’t answer it.

I was still riding a multicab back to Visca when I got that call, wondered who was calling, rejected it since my phone battery’s too low to make the call last more than a minute, and then my phone went off.  I am so sorry for what happened.


right now, i’d love to call a group meeting if not for the fact that it’s curfew time for dormitories.


expect the pics/vids to come up the next week.. =)

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Plus one…

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but we were busy with the Customs problem but anyway..
Yesterday, a new team member is added..
A forestry student friend’s finally convinced to help us with the specs!
so.. i promise to give the details in another post..

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Add a little more wait..

I’m dealing with the problem with the ntc PERMIT now.  As in now!

 Unfortunately, I have to have fever last week.  I’m still fresh from sickness so deal with the messiness that is in this entry.  =) Peace! (Can I scream i’m finally 20 years old today here?)


Ahm.. ok, i got shocked, aside from Bon as the users of this blog, i’m totally awed that ate lyn2 considered blogging.  She’s totally not into it if i remembered it right considering that these kind of details don’t escape me.


Anyway, we need to wait a little more for the XO laptops.  It’s stranded in the, i mean, it’s still held by the Customs as of the very moment.  But hey, take note, I’m working on it.  =)

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Just a little more wait..

The screen shots below show my gmail inbox and the fact that all we need to do was wait for the XOs to arrive to begin with the project.

screen shot 1

screen shot 1

screen shot 2

screen shot 2

I have to read

Ate Mafe’s
“Great and congratulations….:)

So, this is just the beginning…of real work.”

and Kuya Adam ‘s
“I will try to get you your DHL tracking number for both XO Laptops by
Tuesday or Wednesday”

and recheck the email details over and over again to let it sink in me  to convince myself to quit asking if is this really happening for the nth time now.

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