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some pictures

When the XOs arrived, people got curious and here’s some photos my phone has taken the last two days…

well, we got ’em named driven, milk and ion.

picture of driven

picture of driven

my roommate helping me out with the box..

the shipment box

the shipment box

and she’s loving her task…

loving it

can't stop her

my classmates and their curiosity..



the maze got the craze..



. .   and surely there will be more to come . .  .


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Do You Believe You Could Do Something?

I was sitting at the table when my friend asked me that jokingly.

Do you believe you could still do something about Global Warming?

The last time I had talked to her was when I joined my classmates on visiting the Marine Lab to look for some thesis ideas,  when I was so enjoying in  forming  my kneadable eraser like it was some piece of clay on top of my new 4B pencil.  I had made it into a mouse, sorta like Stuart Little!  And I was proud of the childishness and joy I found in myself that day.  I left my classmates and we had lunch together then I grabbed her to Baybay with me for just some waste of time.  A sorta waste of time for her.  I got an exam by 2PM, but I gotta send my brother and sister their allowances.  My OJT stipend just got in so, it’s my honor. Then, I let her join me in whatever business I got.  Maybe, she got so amused with my total carelessness that day.  The butter-finger-ness that was so there.  My spending a long time just to buy a pair of scissors.  Then after a couple of weeks, we got to stick around that Thursday.

It was a firm “Yes” that escaped my lips.  Not a hint of doubt.  Never.  I can’t be that negative.  Letting go of the inquiry then I continued on with whatever else I was talking about.  Her handing me of the notes she was reviewing got me shocked with what I was needing to learn –  a lot.  There were many many factors to consider.  She got amused with the expression on my face.  Both the project and my thesis were environment-related.  A future forester should know enough about the contraints I was about to face.

Hours after  (after the exams, meetings and library digging), me and that friend were sitting at the beach.  Enjoying the scenes we capture with our eyes.  A lot to talk about.  Still a lot even after a lot of talk earlier.  I’ve been with her since noon.  Then the topics are still coming in.

Then she said, “remember that I asked you if you believe you could still do something? I asked you because even I, myself , no longer believe that there’s still hope“.  We were talking about the environment that time.  So, a friendly argument settled in.  Me, explaining while I still believe such as she listened to me ending up talking about the project, about our chances, about OLPC, then about the XO laptops to the point that I was tackling hardware.  It was so obvious to her that I was having a hard time trying to explain about the Computer Science part and it also became obvious to me that I no longer need elaborating because she gets my point.

So, why did I ask a non-believing future forester to join the team?

Because I know better that even though she isn’t hopeful, she would not miss a chance to act upon the issues we are facing.

So, i’m proud to introduce my friend, Flordeliza Radam, as one of the new member of the GreenThumb Project.  A non-programmer to help us refine the whole game concept, add fresh ideas and give corrections.

Thank you!

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Join me in this cause..

ine invites you to

I’m supporting OLPC in socialvibe and i have been having fun.

If you like to join and help, please do and add me!

Thanks! =)

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