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Just a little more wait..

The screen shots below show my gmail inbox and the fact that all we need to do was wait for the XOs to arrive to begin with the project.

screen shot 1

screen shot 1

screen shot 2

screen shot 2

I have to read

Ate Mafe’s
“Great and congratulations….:)

So, this is just the beginning…of real work.”

and Kuya Adam ‘s
“I will try to get you your DHL tracking number for both XO Laptops by
Tuesday or Wednesday”

and recheck the email details over and over again to let it sink in meĀ  to convince myself to quit asking if is this really happening for the nth time now.


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how about this for an icon?

XO leaf

Originally uploaded by exist-ine

The icon’s simple, childish and it’s just like writing ‘GT’.
Plus the fact that a few weeks ago, that’s exactly how I taught my seven year old brother on how to draw a leaf.
So, I guess that’s all I can say.
Everyone, meet the XO leaf… =)

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Join me in this cause..

ine invites you to

I’m supporting OLPC in socialvibe and i have been having fun.

If you like to join and help, please do and add me!

Thanks! =)

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a new team member..

It’s been quite hard for awhile to balance all my activities and fit them in my schedule as I am having trouble with my headache that the days passed with less contribution to the development of the specifications for GreenThumb. But today was a little different since someone else joined the team and is willing to share his knowledge with gaming and programming. So, it’s like another genius comes in to contribute and help this project work. We got Bon as the new team member serving as our game consultant as he is the full-pledged gamer among us.
The Greenthumb team is growing! =)

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Hello world!

Welcome to The GreenThumb Project Blog! This is our first post and I am way
too excited to tell everyone about this project but for the mean time please do bear with us as the project details are still on the process of being edited. Thanks for visiting the blog!

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