Add a little more wait..

I’m dealing with the problem with the ntc PERMIT now.  As in now!

 Unfortunately, I have to have fever last week.  I’m still fresh from sickness so deal with the messiness that is in this entry.  =) Peace! (Can I scream i’m finally 20 years old today here?)


Ahm.. ok, i got shocked, aside from Bon as the users of this blog, i’m totally awed that ate lyn2 considered blogging.  She’s totally not into it if i remembered it right considering that these kind of details don’t escape me.


Anyway, we need to wait a little more for the XO laptops.  It’s stranded in the, i mean, it’s still held by the Customs as of the very moment.  But hey, take note, I’m working on it.  =)


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